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name    sook
image    111.jpg (172.2 KB), Download : 8
subject    재미

Jonetta 2011/12/15   

Your cranium must be portecitng some very valuable brains.

afgwlptpw 2011/12/16   

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ntqlwecde 2011/12/18   

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Oleg 2013/06/25   

Trish, I am so glad you have your faith in what you do and yourself back it is not an easy road but one you can truly call your own.I hleepd to found the HD HR Holden Club of Vic. as my partner owns a 1967 HR Holden Premier that we used to show a lot but much to the Club's shock, I have had a change of interest to 1967 to 1970 s Oldsmobiles !Back to the topic at hand I have spent the last couple of years trying to find a suitable location to show mine and other peoples cars at a more permanent location somewhere in Gippsland toward Sale so hhopefully one day I too will be doing what I love.Keep up the faith love your workGary

sivvxclzlr 2013/06/26   

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Gundoszvh 2013/07/29   

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Gundosyer 2013/07/29   

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Gundosyng 2013/07/29   

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